• Marina Maré

To print or not to print

There’s a saying “it’s not a photograph until it’s printed”.

I remember growing up all the photo albums my parents had. They would pull them out and show it off and mostly embarrass me in front of guests (remember it was the 80’S). Memories!

We take photos of our holidays, kids, 1st day of school, birthday parties, etc. for one reason - capturing memories.

Digital photography and smart phones have certainly made it much easier and less expensive to take photos. Right now we all have hundreds of photos sitting on our phones or on memory cards somewhere. Sometimes we may download them to the computer and there they will live.

Yes, you can go back to the phone or the computer and look at the images but those aren’t pictures yet. There is no physical proof of that memory.

I think we should start printing those memories, hang them on the walls and put them in albums for others to enjoy.

Photography Labs offer great printing services and products that can help turn some of those digital images into photos or products.

As of the end of September I will also be offering a range of products and personal gifts.

This way, your memories will live forever!

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